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"David Perdew has another winner here, On the surface, Daily Content Profits seems like another organizational tool. But really, it contains the secret key that most people are missing for getting passive income. Smart people will recognize this and grab it up now, in case David comes to his senses and ends access."

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Pat Flanagan

"I've gone through Daily Content Profits from David Perdew of NAMS in detail and it's an amazing product. The 129 resources in the Resource Sheet is worth the price alone. This is really a system to guarantee traffic. David has included several tools as well to help you automate the process and organized everything so you can give it to your assistant. Every business needs this."

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Ellen Finkelstein

"Finally, everything in one place so I can profit from my content every day. David Perdew is the most organized thinker I know. In Daily Content Profits he has created a step by step guide, tutorial, and checklist so I can begin with my idea and carry it through each of the steps to sales and profits. Thanks, David for sharing your brain with me!"

daily content profits

Connie Ragen Green

Who Is David Perdew?

david perdew

David Perdew is the CEO and founder of NAMS - the Novice to Advanced Marketing System. He’s a journalist, consultant and serial entrepreneur who has built one of the most successful and fastest growing business training systems online today called the MyNAMS Insiders Club.

The Novice to Advanced Marketing System is a step-by-step system focusing on Team, Training and Tools to help novice to advanced business people build a Simple, Scalable and Sustainable business.

He took a year off in 2003 to personally build a 2200 square foot log cabin in north Alabama where he and his wife and two dogs and a cat live on 95 acres of forest with four streams and 60-foot waterfall.